Bronze Castings

The visual and literary information gathered from artists residency was used to develop the texture of the bronze panels. The bronze panels were cast in the foundry and will be placed on the main sculpture at a level that the school community can touch and explore.

Safe & Well

We both hope that you as a school community are getting through the days and that you and your families are safe and well. The engineers that we have been working closely with have opened their doors and have started putting the final touches to the rolling and welding of the sculpture.

Development of the design of the secondary sculpture for METNS.

Mark and myself really felt our week in the school was a very positive, engaging and a meaningful experience. We have come back to the studio and have dwelled on the conversations, the artworks and the experience of working with the school. With this in mind we have developed the secondary sculpture based on feed back from our weeks residency. We have also finalised the fret cut elements of the sculpture. These need to be very simple in composition to allow cutting into the 20mm steel plate. The idea that the primary sculpture transcends the school grounds and reappears in another location is exciting and intriguing. It demands of the viewer to map a space and draws on their imagination. The sculpture appears to disappear underground emerging in the allocated space.The colour of the metal uprights will be the same as the primary sculpture.The fret cut elements will correspond with the main sculpture. The cut out elements in the photographed maquette are for demonstration purposes only.

Image of proposed secondary sculpture